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We offer consultation based services which allow us to come in and analyze the creation of one particular event or several events you may be hosting. We pride ourselves in our work with Non For Profit Galas, Fundraisers, and Product Launches. Our connections in the industry allow us to partner our clients with the best possible vendors for their events.


For the Hospitality Industry we offer customized plans and options for lobby florals, restaurant, in room and guest deliveries through our concierge programs. We also offer Holiday Themed Décor; such as Spring, New Year, Christmas, Hanukkah and Forth of July. Our years in the Hospitality Industry give us insight knowledge of what each property needs and insure  that we bring out each properties individual style and concept within our work; which in turn heightens your guest experience.


Our [ENCOUNTER] program was created to drive top industry professionals to exotic, innovative and target destinations and hotels. We filter and select, based on the clients objectives and feeder market, the best of what the industry has to offer. With pre-screened result oriented attendees we create a unique and exclusive experience tailored to showcase the best of what each destination and venue has to offer. We work with the finest local vendors and our hotel partners to build programing and highlight the most important components to best sell and drive revenue to its target areas.

Corporate Services:


  • Hotel Selection

  • VIP Transportation

  • Unique, Authentic Tours & Excursions

  • Relaxation Packages & Engaging Activities

  • Attendee Gifts

  • Sponsorship & Branding

  • Program Logistics

  • Staffing

  • Site Inspection/Selection

  • Signage & Printed Materials

  • Recreational Events

  • Sporting Competitions

  • Team Challenges

  • Guest Programs




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City of North Miami Beach 90th Anniversary Celebration

City of North Miami Beach 90th Anniversary Celebration

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